Friday, October 2, 2009

the sorbonne

The main hallway in the Richelieu Wing. A few of the administrative offices are here. 

Although the university is completely enclosed on 4 sides, I was surprised by how easy it was to get lost in each wing. Each building is about 5 stories, and they all have little courtyards besides the huge one I've shown. It's easy to get lost because there's so many chains of corridors off of the main corridor. Some of the buildings in there actually look like they were built recently, like staff/office buildings, and the insides are pretty plain and bare. There was lots of registration going on for classes, which made the little rooms and halls very stuffy. Luckily I was there around lunchtime, so I could go inside the lecture halls and take some pictures. 

Main courtyard- all the students were just hanging around eating lunch. And they look like normal college students. Not that I thought they'd be walking around in suits or anything 
(but some schools here do-- I see them on my way to class sometimes).
So I know you're all curious what the great institution looks like. I have access via my I.D. card- and yes, they have police-looking security guarding every entrance to make sure tourists don't wander their way in. Here's a little guided tour.

A lecture hall in the Richelieu wing- 
how awe-inspiring would it be to have lecture in a room like this? 
It almost makes UCSD look cheap. O_o Where's my wooden panelling and scrolled moulding??

The complex feels like a cross between an old library/museum/and university. Which I felt was a little intimidating. But I suppose if you're around it all the time it kind of lessens the intimidation factor and it becomes the norm. I do think that for the people who do live here, the fact that you're around so many historical monuments all the time makes you appreciate it less- many advertisements I see for furniture and such all focuses on the clean and modern designs. Too much of a good thing, perhaps? 

the front of the lecture hall- I would be more distracted by the painting than actually listening to lecture (plus the fact that its at least 5x bigger than the board)

A discussion room- I think the seats are so strange-looking. 
It reminds me of those old schoolhouses. 

Set of little stairs off the hall leading to the upper balconies of the lecture halls. 
I think this would add some excitement to the aspect of attending class. 


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