Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chocolat chaud

The days are getting colder, and its the perfect weather for hot chocolate. But who knew there were so many ways of taking it?

1. The so-thick-you-can-float-a-cookie-on-it kind.

At the Christian Constant (supposedly the best hot chocolate in Paris, but many places claim that title), the chocolate is thick. I think its meant for a true chocolate connoisseur- the chocolate is dark, thick, and complex. There are 4 different kinds of chocolat chaud to choose from, ranging from sweet and smooth to dark and bitter. There's actually a guy in the back room pulverizing chocolate and thickening it with milk for you when you order it. The one I ordered had a bitterness to the aftertaste, and it is not so rich as to be too sweet. But it was very heavy and gave me a hot chocolate coma afterwards. It comes in a little pitcher- If you ever come here, I advise you share, because one serving is too much! A friend and I ended up finishing it over 3 hours of conversation on a blustery fall afternoon. 

the cookies were delicious too!

2. The do-it-yourself style. 

This is how most streetside cafes do it. You get a cup of chocolate and little pitcher of hot milk, and you pour and mix it yourself. It definitely adds a little more fun to the experience. I forget the name of this cafe, but it was in Montmartre. I liked how they gave me my chocolate in the shape of a flower. The chocolate they serve isn't too sweet, is a little milkier and has a slightly bitter taste to it as well.

Swiss Miss will never be the same again.


Michelle said...

Ooh, I love the sound of the one in Montmartre!

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