Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny San Diego

I turn 21 tomorrow. Weird how you basically look forward to this all your college career. Now its finally here, and it just feels like another day. hm.

on another note, its strange to realize that this is my last week in San Diego. I didn't realize until last week when I was visiting Davis how lucky I am to go to school here, mainly for the following reasons (Not that Davis is a bad place, it was adorable and I loved visiting):
The weather and the beach. Who doesn't love sunny-but-perfectly-breezy weather? We have that almost every day in San Diego. And if it does get to be an abnormally hot 85 degrees, you just go to the beach! Sunbathe, wave jumping, wakeboarding, frisbee, climbing the rocks, tidepooling, mmmm. The perfect solution to a hot day. Davis was scorchingly hot-- I suppose it gets that hot in L.A., but then I don't go outside.

Here are pictures of the wonderfulness of San Diego. Jealous?
The view of La Jolla

On the rocks- we went tide pooling!

We found fighting crabs! Look closely.

I won't be back until January when winter quarter starts. I think I'm going to miss it here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

what's next?

I went to see the Harry Potter pre-showing on Tuesday evening. As someone who's not a huge Harry Potter fan, I'm a bit baffled about all the hype. After seeing the movie and having to step over crowds of kids/teens/fanatics lined up around the theater to get back to the car, I was even more confused. I've only ever seen the first movie and vowed to stop because the books were so much better-- I don't think lining up 7 hours before a movie opens is very worth it, especially when you already know what's going to happen. Luckily, my connections allowed me to save the $10 you have to pay nowadays to get into a theater, but I honestly have much better things to do with my time than dress up, camp out, and associate myself with the crazies that are outside the movie theater. It's cute when you see the little elementary schoolers running around with their wands and capes, but when you see high schoolers and adults, it gets a little creepy. It's not cute anymore, guys. It's just weird.

The movie itself wasn't too memorable. Especially if you've already read the book. In a nutshell, the Harry Potter kids hit puberty, and Harry Potter is the Chosen One. Interesting. I can't wait to see what the next movie brings!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Everyone loves pictures. Here's some interesting ones i took in the past few weeks:

The Del Mar Fair- view from the ferris wheel at night. Pretty right? I tweaked it a little bit so that the colors and lights are a bit more pronounced.

I found the UP! house!!! While exploring Little Italy in downtown SD, I stumbled across this cute little house that is probably about to be demolished. Can't you just see it renovated with balloons coming out of the top? And Carl living inside? Poor little house.

More coming soon. I'm busy enjoying my summer. You should do the same.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello all.

As I'm sure most of you here know already, I'm headed out of good old SoCal in about a month. Yes, exciting I know, and no, I won't pack you in my suitcase. I decided (or took the recommendation) to start this blog so that all of you who are interested can get updates of what I'm up to while abroad. I figured it would be easier to tell you all about my cultural mishaps/experiences through here rather than replying to messages/facebook inquiries asking where I am and what I'm up to. Here are the answers from my corner of the world.