Sunday, June 13, 2010

back when I was in college...

I'm now going to sound super old when I say that. Weiird. And I now have a B.A. in International Studies in Political Science and Sociology. Hooray for finishing college! Thank you to everyone who was a part of the great memories, friendship, and support through the years-- you're what made my college experience wonderful and unforgettable.

What makes a commencement speech resonate? Is it funny? Honest? Realistic? Hopeful and optimistic? Of course it would make sense for it to take the glass half-full approach, but I think that when its overly optimistic and theatrically sentimental, it takes away from the real meaning of graduation. Commencement has a different meaning for everyone, and when you politicize it or personalize it to yourself, it takes away from how special the experience is for everyone in attendance. In case you haven't detected, the student commencement speech at my graduation was less than stellar. It made me wish that I had taken the time to submit my two cents to share with the entire 2010 UCSD Muir College graduates.

I've had the opportunity to read and listen to many commencement speeches in the past years, and honestly, a whole bunch of them are cookie-cutter. But then there are a good few that hold your attention without effort, because they are general but yet personal enough to resonate in everyone-- take the life lessons and advice how they will.

I attended the USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences commencement in May, and the commencement speech I heard for the ceremony has stuck with me ever since-- it was not brimming with optimism or overrun with worldly wisdom, but real and brutally honest- no, Imight not succeed in everything I try, and my coursework realistically did not prepare me for anything in life- and did I mention full of humor? It takes a lot to write a great speech-- and not all who write them are good writers, let alone speakers. But when you do hear one, it sounds so easy and effortless, a diamond in the rough. It reminds me how words really do have the power to encourage and give hope to the masses- just like how that song of a speech has stuck with me.

Goodbye, UCSD. It's been a great 4 years, and the things you've thrown at me have me looking forward to the bigger (and hopefully better) things that follow.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

college, check.

I can't believe it-- i'm done! It really hasn't hit me yet. I finished my final and came home as usual, to a huge pile of laundry and a room that needs packing. Just like the end of any other quarter.

Except in the fall, I won't be coming back. And i'm now unemployed.

Its funny looking back, I thought i'd never be done. I remember going on webreg to look at my class requirements, and everything was in red... and now it's all blue and i'm good to go. I thought i'd never finish, let alone declare a major. Aagh time flies a lot faster than we think.

Oh, life.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

21: the peak of youth

My days as a college student are numbered. I can count them on one hand. And as I finish, I just have a few things I'd like to say-- i'll never stop being a nerd.

It seems that as bad as my senioritis gets, I can't help but be consumed by my studying (old habits die hard). And in doing so the past quarter, i've discovered that nutrition is really a very fascinating subject. But despite the amazingness that is the human body, I realize that I am at the peak of my well-being. Physically, anyway.

After I turn 24 (or around that time period, anyway), my bone density will start to decrease. (and because I'm female, it could possibly develop into osteoporosis, 40 years down the line) To try and prevent this, I should be drinking 8 glasses of milk a day. Which is not happening.

My cholesterol will also start going up.

My metabolism will also slow and I will not be able to eat anything I want and not exercise (not that I should be doing that anyway).

I could spout out much much more, but i'll spare you. (Even though my brain is so stuffed full of human nutrition at the moment that I can't think.)

So amidst studying for my nutrition exam, reading nutrition labels (I find them really interesting now that I know what they all mean), and eating junk, I can conclude that my sleep-deprived, special-K bar diet days are almost over. Maybe that's a good thing.