Tuesday, June 1, 2010

21: the peak of youth

My days as a college student are numbered. I can count them on one hand. And as I finish, I just have a few things I'd like to say-- i'll never stop being a nerd.

It seems that as bad as my senioritis gets, I can't help but be consumed by my studying (old habits die hard). And in doing so the past quarter, i've discovered that nutrition is really a very fascinating subject. But despite the amazingness that is the human body, I realize that I am at the peak of my well-being. Physically, anyway.

After I turn 24 (or around that time period, anyway), my bone density will start to decrease. (and because I'm female, it could possibly develop into osteoporosis, 40 years down the line) To try and prevent this, I should be drinking 8 glasses of milk a day. Which is not happening.

My cholesterol will also start going up.

My metabolism will also slow and I will not be able to eat anything I want and not exercise (not that I should be doing that anyway).

I could spout out much much more, but i'll spare you. (Even though my brain is so stuffed full of human nutrition at the moment that I can't think.)

So amidst studying for my nutrition exam, reading nutrition labels (I find them really interesting now that I know what they all mean), and eating junk, I can conclude that my sleep-deprived, special-K bar diet days are almost over. Maybe that's a good thing.


~House of Rho~ said...

lol I took that class my 2nd year and don't remember a single thing!!!

Wilson To said...

do you see why i get so stressed now?

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