Tuesday, May 25, 2010

dear sister,

Happy Birthday, Mel!

I can't believe you turn 24 today (oldie), and that you're celebrating it at the California Institute of Sciences. You totally knew I really really wanted to go, and you invited me on facebook just to spite me. :(. Not cool.

Anyway, happy birthday, and I'm glad you're my sister even though you used to force me to play ballet studio and barbies with you. I remember when you used to tape a list of rules on your door that you made me follow before I could go in. And back when we used to share a room, you'd draw a line down the middle and not let me cross it. We still had some good times though, like when we'd turn our top bunk into a fort, and when we pulled down the living room curtain rod and got in trouble because of your stupid ballet studio. I could go on, but i'll stop here.

Have fun celebrating today-- no wait. your week-long national holiday.



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