Friday, October 9, 2009

autumn in paris

The Luxembourg Gardens. I walk this path to class every day. 

This is my first time actually experiencing fall- sad, isn't it? And in Paris, of all places... it's so lovely! Minus the freak rainstorms and sudden drops in temperature. But really, I don't know how i'll go back to the monotonous California landscape after this.

 Just look at those trees! 

The concept of autumn is so new to me- I mean, of course i've heard of it and seen numerous pictures, but I'd never actually experienced it. Fall in San Diego means going to the beach as much as you can before winter comes and the weather gets slightly cooler. The eucalyptus smells and looks the same year round (ugly), as does campus and the city in general. Nothing really changes. Here, you can tell the season has changed in the way the air smells of rotting leaves, the way the people dress on the streets, how the metro is more crowded, and the extra bite to the cold at night. Its just... different. I also find it very strange that the French seem to have an aversion to colored clothing. I feel like a sore thumb sticking out in my bright red coat. But I can't resign myself to blacks, beiges, and grays- even to blend in. With such gloomy weather, how can you not throw a splash of cheerfulness into the mix? 

I took the picture two weeks ago, and even now the trees look even more bare and more red/brown. 

Luxembourg Gardens last weekend (same exact spot)- see the difference??

We also haven't had bright sunshine like in the first picture for a while- its been mostly overcast, and the light just comes in differently-- you can definitely tell its fall. I walked to to the market this afternoon to get some groceries, and it was raining (note to self: go to the market when its raining- the lines are shorter). The moody weather we've been having lately just struck me as so dark, gloomy, and depressing weather. How depressing to think that soon it will be like this every day.... *sigh.* How does one be cheerful with such weather? It presses down on your mood...I'm a California girl, I need my sunshine!!

The cocktails we ordered at a bar we went to earlier tonight..."taste the rainbow!" 

I now understand why people drink in colder climates- it seriously keeps you a little warmer and lessens the harshness of the cold once you get outside. At least it did for me walking back to the metro stop in the rain. 

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Helen said...

really? I thought everyone in Paris would wear something similar to your red coat... it's so Paris like haha. But then again Paris is fashion capitol and ppl in the fashion industry wear a lot of black.... black is fashionable and sassy!!

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