Saturday, October 3, 2009


The menu was like a book- so many choices to choose from! 
I was so hard to decide- pages are dedicated to macaroons, glaces, eclairs, cakes, you name it. 

So way back during the first week of September, I got to go to Laduree- home of the amazing macaroons. I just remembered today that I need to post about it before I forget, because it was definitely a lovely experience. I do think that's its worth the raves it has received, and I also think that I need to go back to try the macaroons ( I know, I know- how could I not have done that the first time around?). 

My order- a chocolate cake/ganache with a crunchy nutty top that was delicious. 
The piece in the back is a framboise millefeuille- also amazing! 

The table setting- even the carafe d'eau is beautiful!

I think the exquisite table settings just tie the package together. Presentation is such a part of the whole experience, and emphasizes the appreciation of the culinary arts as an actual art form, not just something to be devoured (but that's good too). Even when you make purchases to-go, gift wrapping of your item is complementary, and too beautiful to unwrap! It's like opening a gift to get to your food- which definitely heightens the experience. 


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