Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Bartholomew.

Hi, I'm Bartholomew. The coolest, cutest purple hippo you will ever meet.

Likes: Ice Cream
Dislikes: being mutilated (*cough eugene stevie cough*)
Favorite song: that thing you do, bananaphone (watch it on youtube, its amazing)
Talents: being cute, dancing, flying
Would like to: see the world, live in a supermarket freezer full of ice cream

Warhol Style.

Swimmin with the fishies

Stealing donuts...yum

Sleeping in my hat

Blogging. I am so talented.

Need I say more?

He is accompanying me on my trip to Europe, so look out for his posts on here!


touche! said...

ohh boy. hello bartholemew!

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