Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fashion victims

a popular fad in 1957. not so much today.

Today, I spent 3 hours at the DMV in an attempt to get my license renewed. Note: attempt. Right when I got up to the window that lets you take the written test, they closed for the day. I was annoyed to no end. But that's not the point of this post.

Three hours of waiting at the DMV provides ample time for people watching, a great past time that provides hours of entertainment at no cost. No kidding in my case. So for the three hours before I walked up to the window and shelled out my $28 renewal fee, I sat in my chair and learned that most of the population is still not living in the 21st century. At least not fashion-wise. Most of them are still in the 80s and 90s. I saw:

1. plaid shorts paired with a checkered shirt
2. flowered skirt with a flowered top under a flowered sweater (none of which matched)
3. red suede square-toed boots with sweatpants (on a guy)
4. a guy who wore a sweater that, I kid you not, literally looked like a Mondrian painting (but much brighter in hue, paired with fire engine red sweats and matching sneakers, all of which were baggy. )

And that was just the worst of it. My descriptions are on people that looked to be in their teens, 20s and 30s. As the kid who wore plaid shorts with a polka dot shirt, I wonder if I would have ended up as such a fashion victim if my mother and sister hadn't intervened.

Fashion comes and goes. A Mondrian sweater may be the thing one day, and out the next. If no one around you is wearing one, are you aware that a) its just not okay, or b) not care and wear it proudly even if the rest of the world laughs at you?

This style came back- but minus the whole grandma knit pattern.

Back to the DMV tomorrow for more people watching.


Nargiz said...

haha last time i was at the library there was this angry russian lady that kept yelling at us and she was in desperate need of some fashion help as well. A long maroon skirt with a big, bright red goose down vest, and I'm talking about an XL size lol.

I also hate the DMV. I went to take my permit test 4 times and not because I didn't pass but because I'm not a citizen and they kept giving me shit for it. I am dreading the day I have to get my license renewed.

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