Monday, September 21, 2009

I love German food!

dad acting like a kid in a candy shop

Well, maybe not so much me. But my dad sure does. I think his favorite thing about Germany was the food. They love meat, and they like sausage. He's been reading about all his favorite musicians eating sausages by the river for the last 50-odd years, and he was itching to go to Germany to try them for himself. To their credit though, they really know how to cook their pork. 

Me and german fast food at the rest stop. Interesting, no? 
Cheap and hearty...

We visited tons of castles in Germany. Driving along the Rhine river, there are old castles on almost every hilltop, dating from the 1100s and on. Crazy, isn't it? There is this one castle tour that marketed 14 castles in 2 days! I think that would kill the novelty of castles and i'd be so fed up I wouldn't want to see another one for a while. 

View of the Rhine- said to be one of the most scenic drives in Germany

Mel in one of the halls of the was breathtakingly old and grand! 
(as you can see from her expression)

My personal favorite was Heidelberg Castle- its HUGE, and its literally falling apart. I think that the fact that its crumbling makes it all the more believable that people once lived and worked right there on the same spot I was standing... except dressed as courtiers or servants. You stand there and its so easy to see where the settings of all the fairy tales came from. 

Just like in the fairy tales

The tower is fell in on itself! I wonder how that happened.

Germany is beautiful, but the unfortunate thing about seeing castles and old churches every day is that after a while they all start to blend in with each other and you can't tell one from the other. We visited other castles and numerous churches, but when its a hot day and you've been walking all day, plus you're tired and hungry, the fun of it wears off a little. But nothing a visit to the bier garten can't fix.

Bartholomew and a Bier Garten in Cochem

look what I found!!! the german version (made in china).
Bartholomew: "i'm better than you."
other hippo: "ich verstehe nicht" (i don't understand you)

Our B&B in Kloten. This place was adorable. It even had a bier garten in the back!


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