Friday, September 25, 2009


...was not that impressive. I'm aware that its a huge financial center and important to the world economy, but that still does not budge my opinion of the city as a whole. Driving into the center of the city, Brussels just struck me as...dirty, polluted, and unsafe. 

There was, literally, trash flying around on the streets, piles of trashbags by lampposts, homeless people sitting on the streets asking for money, and run-down looking buildings. Not much to see. We parked and explored the main square, and the few tourist-y streets lining it, and packed up on our way back to France. That was pretty much all there was to see there- not exactly worth a night in a hotel, so we figured we should head out early and spend the night closer to France since the car was due back the next morning. 

Here's some of what we did in Belgium (not much): 

The big square in Brussels. That was about all the historic sightseeing we did. 
It was pretty, though. 

and of course, we had to have Belgian waffles and Belgian chocolate ice cream! 


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