Friday, July 30, 2010

friendship in a jar

On the ferry to Balboa Island in Newport Beach (ick, i ruined the picture) 
Do you ever wish you could bottle up a day or a feeling, and put it away so that one day when you're feeling down you can just take it off the shelf, relive a memory, and that moment would come back, making the world a wonderful place again? If I could, today would definitely be in a jar. There's nothing more blissful than a carefree summer day at the beach with girlfriends. Its not even necessarily the beach, but the people that make it exceptionally wonderful-- spending time with girls who understand you, dream with you, and don't mind mulling over every thought of gladness or concern that come your way like its their own. I don't get to see these girls nearly as much as i'd like to, but each time I do, we pick up where we left off. My birthday wasn't so much about celebrating me, it was more like celebrating friendship, and thats the way it should be. After all, how miserable would life be without friends? I'd be sitting there with no one to share my cake with, and there's definitely no fun in that.

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