Wednesday, November 4, 2009

le système français

The BHV: Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville dates to 1856 and is the 2nd oldest department store in Paris. The building closest to you in the picture is the city hall, or l'Hotel de Ville.

On Monday, I went to the BHV (think huge department store that sells everything) to return my charger I had bought for my Macbook. Mine burned out, and of course Apple products are wayy more expensive here than in the states (86Euro for a 60 watt charger = $100+), so I bought one while waiting for my American one to arrive in the mail (still cheaper, plus shipping!). Anyway, dealing with the 'French' way of doing things really made me appreciate the  quick no-fuss service that is offered in the states. 

First off, I had to go to 4 different offices on 3 different floors in order to finally get my "rembourse" (refund). 
1. I went to the counter at the electronics section, and they signed my reciept.
2. I went to another counter at the other end of the store, where they asked for my address, etc. and filled out other necessary paperwork. They gave me this paperwork, and sent me downstairs to another desk. 
3. I don't remember
4. Finally arrive downstairs, where they run the forms through and ask me if I want the credit returned to my card. 

Really, people? Please.

At the Best Buy/Costco/any store at home, I can go to any register and they would be able to do the job in one transaction, voila! But no... thank goodness I knew enough  French to know what was going on, otherwise it would have been one huge headache. 


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