Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny San Diego

I turn 21 tomorrow. Weird how you basically look forward to this all your college career. Now its finally here, and it just feels like another day. hm.

on another note, its strange to realize that this is my last week in San Diego. I didn't realize until last week when I was visiting Davis how lucky I am to go to school here, mainly for the following reasons (Not that Davis is a bad place, it was adorable and I loved visiting):
The weather and the beach. Who doesn't love sunny-but-perfectly-breezy weather? We have that almost every day in San Diego. And if it does get to be an abnormally hot 85 degrees, you just go to the beach! Sunbathe, wave jumping, wakeboarding, frisbee, climbing the rocks, tidepooling, mmmm. The perfect solution to a hot day. Davis was scorchingly hot-- I suppose it gets that hot in L.A., but then I don't go outside.

Here are pictures of the wonderfulness of San Diego. Jealous?
The view of La Jolla

On the rocks- we went tide pooling!

We found fighting crabs! Look closely.

I won't be back until January when winter quarter starts. I think I'm going to miss it here.


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